As we journey through the pages of time, The Word Bearers Ministries stands steadfast, continuing its mission of guiding believers towards a deeper understanding of the Word of God. With each passing year, the ministry has delved into themes that resonate with the hearts of the faithful, nurturing spiritual growth and fortitude. Having explored the value of the Word, harnessed divine power, and fostered connections, The Word Bearers Ministries now embarks on a new chapter: “Emerge.” In this year of 2023, the focus is on rising above life’s challenges through unwavering faith, bolstered by the insights and truths found in the Scriptures.!


The Word Bearers Ministries is a non-denominational ministry with the Vision to make believers study the word for themselves, thereby knowing the Word’s worth. Our Mission is to teach the undiluted word of God so much that participants are motivated to pick up the Bible and read it with renewed vigor and enthusiasm. Here is a brief overview of where we are coming from, Year 2020 we looked at Word’s worth, Year 2021, we looked at Powered Up, last year 2022, we looked at the theme Connect. Looking at where we are coming from, write a write-up on the topic Emerge for this year 2023 with biblical references.         


Emerge 2023:

In this pivotal year, The Word Bearers Ministries is dedicated to helping believers rise above challenges and difficulties through a deepened connection with the Word of God. The time is now to emerge. Gideon would have remained under the terebinth tree which was in Ophrah living in fear of the Midianites until God’s call for him to emerge. “Emerge” is a call to action—a call to lean into the transformative power of Scripture and to emerge as

stronger, more faithful individuals. Many people are currently performing or manifesting below the surface or parapet of life. Through weekly teachings, discussions, and communal reflections, participants will be encouraged to:

Empower Through Truth: Delve into the Word to discover profound truths that can fortify the spirit and equip believers with the tools needed to navigate life’s trials.

Emerge from Doubt: Through studying the lives of biblical figures who emerged from doubt and uncertainty, participants will find inspiration to overcome their own uncertainties and emerge with a renewed sense of purpose.

Endure with Hope: By exploring passages that illustrate the endurance of faith even in challenging circumstances, participants will be inspired to persevere and emerge stronger in their walk with God.

Elevate Others: Just as Joseph, the Israelites, and Jesus’ disciples emerged to impact their communities, participants will be encouraged to use their transformed lives as a means to uplift and influence those around them positively.

As The Word Bearers Ministries embraces the theme “Emerge” for 2023, it invites all believers to rise above, inspired by the transformative narratives of the Bible and driven by a deepened connection with the Word. Through faith, dedication, and a commitment to seeking truth, participants can emerge from this year stronger, more resilient, and more radiant in their faith journey.


Speaker 1

Omobolaji Adesanya is a Multilinguist with a Masters of Public and International Affairs from the University of Lagos. She is an unapologetic lover of God and teacher of the undiluted word of God. She is presently the National Bible Study Coordinator of the Youth Fellowship of her Church.

Speaker 2

Mercy Fakoya is an accomplished Family Nurse Practitioner and a dedicated follower of Christ. With an impressive academic background, holding Associates, Bachelors and Master’s degrees in nursing, she has established herself as an expert in her field. She also holds a Masters in Ministry.

She is a Kingdom Life Coach, Author and Mentor. She is the founder of Mercy Mentor’s Me and the Convenor of Pray and Prophesy and The Ruach Conference.

Mercy is an interdenominational preacher, who seeks to help believers develop a personal relationship with God.

Speaker 3

Dr. Blessing Ayemhere is a marketplace leader.

-Leads the prayer team in Daystar
– Leads the business community in Daystar
– Seasoned counsellor
– convener of the Greatness, Possibility conference
– entrepreneur, researcher, teacher, speaker, and lover of God!

Speaker 4

Adekunle Thomas Fakile is a highly motivated, dynamic, inspirational Christian with excellent communication skills and an enthusiastic attitude. He has transferable skills through academic knowledge and work experiences straddling the private, voluntary and public sectors. He is a graduate of Theology and Counselling from the London School of Theology and currently pursuing his Master’s degree in Theology and Christian Leadership. He has skills in conflict management, mediation, resolution and able to influence leaders for effective team building.

Pastor Fakile has written and spoken extensively on theological matters both in the UK, US, Europe and Africa. His work with other charitable organisations abroad in community development and relationship management between the local youths, the police, the homeless and the Church has led to joint partnership in co-hosting seminars, outreach and training programs.

He has keen interest in the development of Christian leadership and personal growth, the Lord has equipped him with spiritual gifts as one called to work with others for leadership, discipleship and mentoring others to be who they have been called to be through the teaching of the undiluted word of God.

Pastor Thomas Fakile believes he has a role to play in the spiritual formation, growth and reformation of the Church universally. Hence, the birthing of the Word Bearers Ministry, a Non-denominational ministry where the undiluted word of God is been taught. He is a staunch member of the C & S Church. He is a certified Christian Counsellor and also a certified member of the John Maxwell Leadership Team. He is happily married with 4 beautiful children.